Uluru Camel Tours

Uluru is one of the most spectacular sites the world has ever seen and a great place to consider taking part in one of the organised camel tours. This enormous rock formation can be found in Australia’s Northern Territory, although it lies in the central part of the continent. The rock itself can be found within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. A visit to Uluru provides a truly enchanting experience.

A Rock of Many Colors

The rock is actually an orange-red ochre color, although different times of the day and certain weather conditions can make the rock appear to change colors. During the beautiful Australian sunsets, Uluru has a distinctive red glow. Other times during the day, Uluru appears to have a more brownish tone. When rainy weather occurs in the region, the rock can have a grey appearance.

A Sacred Space

Local Aborigines, known as Anangu, consider the rock and the area surrounding it to be a great spiritual ground. There are many ancient myths and legends as to how Uluru formed. Many believe that the spirits of the rock’s creators inhabit the land.

A World of Nature

There are many forms of fascinating plant and animal life around Uluru. Black-flanked Rock-wallabies and Bush Turkeys can be seen roaming the land. Emus, Red Kangaroos and a variety of lizard species also make their home in the area. Adder’s Tongue ferns and colorful Mulga cover parts of the landscape. The area also has many colorful flowers and grasses.

The Cautious Climb

Visitors are allowed to climb the massive rock, although the local Anangu frown upon doing so due to the sacredness of the rock. Those who do attempt the climb are warned of the potential dangers they could face. It is a rather steep and unstable climb, and the summit can experience strong winds. High summer temperatures and no shade covering also add to the difficulty of the climb.

Uluru is truly one of the most unique destinations in the world. Visitors to the region will likely feel inspired and will take away a greater appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. Uluru is definitely a destination one should visit during their lifetime.