Camel Tours

Australia is a land known for its often hot and dry temperatures. There are also many amazing things to see throughout the region. These attributes make Australia the perfect place to take a ride on a camel as part of an organise camel tour. These durable creatures can easily withstand the intense heat of the Australian climate. Camel tours can take visitors to some of the most remarkable areas throughout the land. Here are some particularly ideal places to take a camel ride:

Port Macquarie

The lovely shores of this beach town are a great place to take a ride on a camel. The flatness of the land makes for easy navigation. Exquisite coastal views can be taken in while traversing the landscape. Lighthouse Beach, in particular, is a great place to take a camel tour.

Alice Springs

Many people refer to this city as the capital of Australia’s outback. The arid climate and surrounding deserts offer the perfect environment for a camel tour. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and see the unique culture of the Aboriginal people up close and in person while on their journey.


Despite the town’s small stature, with a total population of around 90 people, this location is still an idyllic place to take a ride on a camel. In fact, this is one of the main attractions of the town, drawing in tourists from all over the world. The vast desert can be explored, as well as the few remaining historic buildings in the town.


Camel tours and ridescan be taken in the desert area around the great rock formation. Tourists can observe the breathtaking rock as their backdrop. The changing of Uluru’s colors is truly a remarkable sight to see. Visitors can also observe the unique wildlife native to the area.

Cable Beach

This beautiful beach located along the coastal city of Broome is famous for its camel ride tours. Visitors can savor the beauty of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore as they travel on the back of a camel across the white sand. The area is also known for its stunning red sunsets.

A camel ride in Australia can offer a truly unique experience. This alternative mode of transportation is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Australia.